Hamblin Wins the Davis Prize of the History of Science Society

hss-logo-blackI have scheduled this post ahead of time, because I can’t contain my enthusiasm, yet I’ve agreed to hold off talking about it until the prizewinners are announced. But I’m delighted to report that my book Arming Mother Nature has won the 2016 Helen Miles Davis and Watson Davis Prize, from the History of Science Society.  It’s a prize awarded for the best book for general readers published in the previous three years. This was the final year of eligibility for Arming Mother Nature.

Because my training was in history of science, this prize is particularly meaningful to me and I am really honored by it. I know Larry Badash (1934-2010), my Ph.D. advisor, would have been delighted with the news, and I am thinking of him today.

Here’s info about the prize, and a list of past awardees.

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