Commentary, Media, and Reviews

Commentary and Media

Book excerpt: “The Disneyfication of Atomic Power,” Nautilus (Oct 2021)

Featured in Scholars’ Circle Podcast, “How did the U.S. Gamble with Peaceful Nuclear Technology in a World of Growing Nuclear Arsenals?” (01 Aug 2021)

Featured in 99 Percent Invisible podcast episode 301 (13 Apr 2018), “Making it Rain”

Featured in OSU’s Research in Action podcast episode 107 (16 Apr 2018) “Dr. Jacob Hamblin and the Downwinders Project”

Jacob Darwin Hamblin, “The IAEA Demands Nations Open Up to Its Inspectors, Yet is Itself a Tightly Shut Box of Secrets,” The Conversation (15 May 2014)

Jacob Darwin Hamblin, “Ecology Lessons from the Cold War,” New York Times (May 30, 2013), A23.

Book excerpt: Jacob Darwin Hamblin, “We Tried to Weaponize the Weather,” Salon (Apr 27, 2013)

“How the Cold War Created Environmental Science,” live studio interview on Think Out Loud, Oregon Public Broadcasting, 24 Jun 2013.

Lyz Hoffman, “Using the Environment as a Weapon,” Santa Barbara Independent 12 Nov 2013

Jacob Darwin Hamblin, Author Response to Roundtable on Arming Mother Nature in H-Environment Roundtable Reviews 4:5 (2014).

Jacob Darwin Hamblin, “Two Faces of the Limited Test Ban Treaty,” OUPblog (5 Aug 2013)

Jacob Darwin Hamblin, “The Strange Military Origins of Environmentalism,” The Conversation (17 July 2013)

Jacob Darwin Hamblin, “Beyond Narcissism and Evil: the Decision to Use Chemical Weapons,” OUPblog (7 July 2013)

Jacob Darwin Hamblin, “What Will Our Energy Legacy Be?” The Oregonian (26 Mar 2011).

Reviews of The Wretched Atom:

M. V. Ramana, “An Atomic Warning,” Science 373:6553 (23 Jul 2021), 402.

Ron Jacobs, “The Myth of the Atomic Genie,” Counterpunch (13 Aug 2021)

Reviews of Arming Mother Nature:

Gregg Mitman, “The End Times of Cold War Ecology,” Science 341 (9 Aug 2013), 614-615.

Ben Whitford, “What Greens Can Learn from Dr. Strangelove,” The Ecologist (2013)

Fred Pearce, “How the Cold War Spawned the Environmental Movement,” New Scientist (10 June 2013)

James G. Lewis, “Stocking Nature’s Arsenal,” American Scientist (July/Aug 2014)

Matthew Shindell, “A Vulnerable Earth,” Distillations (2016)

Stephen Bocking, “Ecology Breaking Bad,” Environment, History, Science, 12 Feb 2014 (blog)

Erik Loomis in Lawyers, Guns, and Money blog (2015)

Toshihiro Higuchi in Michigan War Studies Review (2014)

Jan-Henrik Meyer, “Where did Environmentalism Come From?” H-Soz-Kult 2016

Elena Aronova in Isis 106:3 (2015), 738-739.

Rachelle Peterson, “Doomsday or Nay?” in Academic Questions 28:1 (2015), 101-105.

Richard P. Tucker in Environmental History 20:1 (2015), 152-154.

Andrew Jenks in Technology and Culture 56:1 (2015), 293-295.

Stephen Brain, “Dark Green: The Gloomy Side of Environmentalism,” Historical Studies in the Natural Sciences 45:2 (2015), 340-347.

Alice Bell, “Ecology as War Mongering, Not Tree Hugging,” New Left Project, (9 Jan 2014)

Kristian H. Nielsen, “Dommedag som kold-krigs-konstruktion,” [“Science” in Danish] (5 May 2014)

David D. Vail in Kansas History (Spring 2014), 55.

David Havlick in Cultural Geographies 21:3 (2014), 534-535.

Dolly Jørgensen in H-Environment Roundtable Reviews 4:5 (2014)

Kristine C. Harper in H-Environment Roundtable Reviews 4:5 (2014)

Libby Robin in H-Environment Roundtable Reviews 4:5 (2014)

Rohan D’Souza, “Peace is Not Possible and War is Not an Option! Should we Still be ‘Talking Up’ Non-Traditional Security?” Strategic Analysis 38:5 (2014), 741-748.

Sarah Rothbard, “The Six Point Inspection,” Slate and Zocalo Public Square (1 May 2013)

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Jan McGirk, “The Violent Side of Environmentalism,” China Dialogue (28 June 2013)

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Paolo Mastrolilli, “Guerra Fredda, Quando gli USA Usavano la Natura come Arma,” La Stampa (29 Apr 2013), 17.

Reviews of Poison in the Well:

María Jesús Santesmases, “Life and Death in the Atomic Era,” Historical Studies in the Natural Sciences 40:3 (2010), 409-418.

Christopher Sellers in Isis 100:4 (2009), 948-949.

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Priya Kurian in Global Environmental Politics 8:4 (2008), 150-152

R. M. Ferguson in Choice (Aug 2008), 45-6739

Reviews of Oceanographers and the Cold War:

Ian R. Stone in The Mariner’s Mirror 94:4 (2008), 506-507

Keith R. Benson, “Oceanography and the Cold War Effect,” in Minerva 45 (2007), 223-224

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