Our Friend the Atom Goes to Mexico

As Arming Mother Nature goes to press, I’m deeply involved in my next project.  This one’s on the promotion of nuclear technology in the developing world.  The tentative title is Nuclear Outposts.  I will soon be in Mexico City presenting at a colloquium at Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM) with a few other scholars working on the production and distribution of isotopes–and peaceful atomic research generally–in various places around the world.

It’s exciting to be connecting with other scholars working on this topic, and I couldn’t resist sharing the poster, which draws on the images from the 1956 Disney short Our Friend the Atom.  It was an episode of the series Disneyland.  The episode touches on many of the scientific applications that the scholars at the meeting this month are writing about, including the use of radioactive material to study crops, irradiate food, or induce mutations.  The film is fascinating, entertaining, and is guaranteed to make you smile.  Who doesn’t love seeing Walt Disney talk about nuclear physics?

The meeting is being organized by Gisela Mateos and Edna Suárez, and it will include also Ana Barahona, Angela Creager, María Jesús Santesmases,  Karin Zachmann, and myself. Please enjoy the poster!

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